By the end of last century, with the arrival of European immigrants to our country, there was an important change in habits and ways of life.
Here, in the new continent, there were Argentineans who accepted this cultural legacy and the most traditional and exquisite recipes.
Our company was born as a dream of his founder, Jose Achilli, an Italian immigrant, who wanted to put together all this cultural inheritance and create the most natural and delicious ice-cream.
IL GIARDINO, is a family company with more than 30 years of experience in the manufacturing and selling of ice-cream, in which the third generation of Argentineans contributes with the same efforts and dedication, as its founder, in offering a nutritive product, premium quality... without forgetting that European flavor.

IL Giardino, by Heladería Los Amores
Martín Fierro 7851, Villa Bosch (1682) - Buenos Aires, Argentina
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